Authority In God’s Church

Authority In God’s Church
Genres: Leadership, Religion
ISBN: 9781479122363
This is a discussion of the overall chain of command or authority in a Christian church. It discuses the relationship between God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Prophecy, human leaders, and the believer. It discuses the problems that arise when the proper chain is not maintained, and the prevalent consequences of such disruptions.
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Chapter Titles:
Christ’s Representative on Earth
The Need for Organization
Leadership’s Relation to Authority
How Leaders Are to Do Their Work
Unity In the Church
Working Against the Church
Church Discipline
God on the Throne—He Guides
God’s Direct Guidance Will Increase
Independence From Authority
Counsel Together
Obedience to God’s Authority
The Results of Obedience to God’s Authority
Usurpation of God’s Authority
The Results of Usurping God’s Authority
God’s Reproof of His Church
The Response to Reproof
Examples of Relationship to Authority
Appendix A—by James White
Appendix B—by A. T. Jones