Bringing Seventh-day Adventists to the Test

Bringing Seventh-day Adventists to the Test
Series: Health & Healthcare, Book 2
Genres: Alternative Therapies, Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781479159734
The sub-title of this book is "Spiritual Dangers in Health Care." Guide lines are given for distinguishing between health care methods acceptable for Christians to be treated with, or to treat with. Many of God's in-harmony-with-nature remedies are counterfeited by Satan and can be used of him to lead even Christians into great spiritual danger. A number of popular methods of disease treatment are exposed for what they are.
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1. End-Time Methods of Healing:
False Healing as a Test
Agents of Satan
False Science of the Mind
Natural or Supernatural
Rules to Detect Error
Faith Miracles
Mind Healing Itself
Mind Healing Mind

2. “Miracles” Masquerading as Science:
Reflexology and Iridology
Spine Manipulation for Organ Disease
Energy Force Healing
Conflicting With Natural Law

3. Magnetism, Electricity, and Health Reform:
The Building Blocks of Matter
Cellular Energy
Ion Currents of the Body
Physical Electricity
Electricity and the Body
Magnetic Energy
Human Magnetic Energy
Magnetic Imaging
Magnetic and Electric Testing
Magnets for “Health”
Magnetic Deficiencies?
Purifying the Air
Ellen White’s Use of Electricity
Electricity, Magnetism, and Mysticism
Sorting Fact From Fiction
Where Disease Begins
Health Fads and Magnets
The Roots of Hypnosis
Areas of Concern

4. God’s Plan of Rational Remedies:
Experience Not Reliable
Divine Guidance
Emphasize Rational Remedies
Unsafe Health Care
A False Latter Rain



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