Ellen G. White Miscellaneous Periodical Articles, Book I of II

Ellen G. White Miscellaneous Periodical Articles, Book I of II
Series: Ellen White Periodicals, Book 9
Genres: General, Religion
ISBN: 9781495342066
Some 600 articles in 31 periodicals in this first volume. DURING HER LIFETIME, Ellen G. White’s written material was used literally thousands of times as articles and reference material in some seventy-six different English language periodicals. The major use was by The Present Truth and Review and Herald, The Signs of the Times, and The Youth’s Instructor. Each of these three periodicals have their Ellen White Articles republished separately. This present two volume series contains the articles published in the remaining seventy-six periodicals that did not appear in the above three, major periodicals. Thus, this present reproduced material is of much interest and spiritual benefit to its readers.
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This first volume has the articles and quoted references from the first (by alphabetical order) thirty-one of these less prominent periodicals. It ends with the Ellen White material found in The Gospel Herald through March 1, 1901. Volume two resumes with The Gospel Herald, of December 1, 1901.

 “Words of Admonition  
“All sin is selfishness. Satan’s first sin was a manifestation of selfishness. He sought to grasp power, to exalt self. A species of insanity led him to seek to supersede God. And the temptation that led Adam to sin was Satan’s declaration that it was possible for man to attain to something more than he already enjoyed, possible for him to be as God Himself. The sowing of seeds of selfishness in the human heart was the first result of the entrance of sin into the world. God desires everyone to understand the evil of selfishness, and to cooperate with Him in guarding the human family against its terrible, deceptive powers. The design of the gospel is to confront this evil by means of remedial missionary work, and to destroy its destructive power by establishing enterprises of benevolence.”  
”The Workers’ Bulletin,” September 9, 1902