Ellen G. White Signs of the Times Articles, Book I of III

Ellen G. White Signs of the Times Articles, Book I of III
Series: Ellen White Periodicals, Book 5
Genres: Biblical Studies, Religion
ISBN: 9781494798208
FOR SOME forty years, an article from the pen of Ellen White appeared in nearly every issue of the weekly magazine The Signs of the Times. The magazine was started in 1874 by her husband James in the city of Oakland, California. It began with a similar purpose for the West Coast that The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald magazine, published in Battle Creek, Michigan, had for Eastern North America. Over a period of time however, it became written more and more for the general public while the Review and Herald remained the general paper for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
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Over the forty years that Ellen White contributed to the magazine, some 2,000 of her articles appeared in its pages. During that time, several hundred of her articles in the Signs of the Times appeared later, or had appeared previously, in the Review and Herald. These duplicated articles, as well as some duplicated in the volumes of Testimonies for the Church and Conflict of the Ages Series, are not included in this present three-volume collection 
The messages in this present collection need no human praise or promotion for their inspired and inspiring thoughts speak for themselves of their divine origin. They cover a broad spectrum of subject: family life; the raising of children; education; spiritual life; missionary endeavors; church administration, and many others. May each reader of these words receive the blessings intended by the Lord through these articles of His servant messenger is the prayer of— 
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