Loma Linda Messages Unabridged

Loma Linda Messages Unabridged
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Series: Health & Healthcare, Book 6
Genres: General, Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781492271581
This compilation by Elder John Burden regarding the establishment of Loma Linda is an interesting record of the counsels given and of the struggles that leaders had, on all levels of the organization, as to how to implement the instructions sent them by God. This is a thrilling saga of faith challenged and faith rewarded. It is a confirmation that success in doing the Lord’s work depends upon obedience to the directives given, and not upon human wisdom. Each reader will be encouraged in their trust of the counsels of the Lord through His servant messenger Ellen G. White.
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Some 300 articles, letters, and committee reports regarding the founding of Loma Linda as a training center for health workers is included in this unabridged edition of the original compilation by Elder John A. Burden. He originally named it “LOMA LINDA MESSAGES Divine Instruction the ‘Blue Print’ Thru [sic] the Inspired Pen of Ellen G. White.” The original, and this present edition, consists of about two-thirds (by word count), of articles, sermons, and letters by E. G. White. But, unlike the Ellen G. White CD-ROM, and some printed editions, the original and this present edition contain another one-third by word count of letters by some twenty different authors and various committee discussions and reports. 

Thus, we can follow more clearly the ebb and flow between the counsels of the Lord through Ellen White and the various church leaders and committees of God’s church; from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to the local Southern California Conference and the North American Union Conferences.

While the members in southern California were struggling to get two recently opened sanitariums, one in San Diego and the other in Glendale, up and operating well, the counsel from the Lord in 1905 was that they were to look for a third site in the Redlands and Riverside area. 

Though financially strapped, led by Elder Burden, the brethren revisited a property near Redlands called Loma Linda with 76 acres and an empty sanitarium originally built at an investment of $155,000.00. When visited in 1904 it had been available for $110,000.00 which was far out of the reach of our struggling church. 

When revisited in 1905, the desperate investors had lowered the price to $85,000 and later in the year to $45,000. Finally, in May of 1905, with lack of support from the church organization, but with the urging of Ellen White, Brother Burden personally paid $1,000 for an option to purchase the property for $40,000. This action of Burden created great anxiety in the church leadership. In the contract, $5,000 was due in about two months. On the day the note was due, the Southern California Conference had no money to meet it. Four hours before the time was up, a letter arrived by overland mail from an unknown individual on the East coast. It contained a money draft for the exact amount needed. The option was saved and the Lord continued to bless in the raising of funds to complete the purchase of Loma Linda in less than six months rather than the four years allowed in the contract. The Lord was clearly leading. Ellen White, on visiting Loma Linda, confirmed that it was the property she had seen in vision back in 1901.  

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Ellen G. White; Elder John A. Burden; Dr. George K. Abbott; Elder E. E. Andross; Elder A. G. Daniells; Elder H. W. Cottrell; Elder C. C. Crisler; Dr. S. P. S. Edwards; Elder I. H. Evans; Dr. W. A. George; H. H. Hall; Dorothy T. Harbaugh; Elder G. A. Irwin; Dr. D. H. Kress; Dr. J. R. Leadsworth; Elder R. S. Owen; Dr. H. F. Rand; Elder G. W. Reaser; Dr. Lillie Starr; Elder G. A. Snyder; Elder W. B. White; Elder W. C. White; Elder M. C. Wilcox.