The Final Work

The Final Work
Answering Humanity's Need. Medical missionary work—Christ’s end-time work—is discussed by means of over 500 Spirit of Prophecy quotations. Excellent for personal and group study and as a source for talks and seminars.
About the Book

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This is a compilation, with summary statements, of inspired counsel regarding the need for and preparation of gospel medical missionaries. There is a great need for all persons to know as much as possible in how to, first prevent illness through obedience to the natural laws of health, and then how to use readily available modalities in the home treatment of illness. This knowledge will diminish greatly the overuse of our healthcare system.
All Christians are called, and Holy Spirit equipped, for a ministry to the health and spiritual needs of humanity in these calamitous end times.

Reasons For Reform 
Diet and Spirituality 
Health Reform and the Third Angel’s Message 
The True Remedies 
I—Pure Air 
VI—Proper Diet 
VIII—Trust In Divine Power 
The Lord’s Work 
Agriculture and Our Health Work 
The Final Work 
Health Reform / Deform