Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing

Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing
Series: Heritage Edition, Illustrated, Book 3
Genres: Christian Living, Religion, Spiritual Growth
ISBN: 9781467926065
The Sermon on the Mount is Heaven’s benediction to the world—a voice from the throne of God. It was given to mankind to be to them the law of duty and the light of heaven, their hope and consolation in despondency, their joy and comfort in all the vicissitudes and walks of life. Here the Prince of preachers, the Master Teacher, utters the words that the Father gave Him to speak.
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This volume also includes inspirational thoughts regarding Christ’s teachings regarding the Spirituality of the Law, the True Motive in Service, Not Judging but Doing, and the Lord’s Prayer.
Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing contains Christ’s greeting, not only to those who believe, but to the whole human family. Throughout all time the words that Christ spoke while on earth will retain their power. Every sentence is a jewel from the treasure house of truth. The principles enunciated in His teaching are for all ages and for all classes of men. With divine energy, Christ expressed His faith and hope as He pointed out class after class as blessed because of having formed righteous characters. Living the life of the Life-giver, through faith in Him, everyone can reach the standard held up in His words.

The reader of this volume will receive much encouragement in their walk with God and with their fellow man.