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A Unique Publication

Inspiration Study BibleThe Inspiration Study Bible is an interactive PDF ebook designed for use with desktop, laptop, and netbook computers.  It consists of the KJV version of the complete old and new testaments in two columns. It is unique in that a center reference column has links for its verses to PDF versions of the five Conflict of the Ages volumes as well as Christ’s Object Lessons, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, Steps to Christ, and The Ministry of Healing.  Bookmarks are linked to the hundreds of topics of the PDF version of Bible Readings for the Home Circle. (All referenced books are illustrated versions.)

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The Study Bible, an associated Readme booklet, and Easton’s Bible Dictionary are free downloads on Scribd. The same site will show the availability of the five Conflict of the Ages volumes. The following will lead you to the availability of the other named books:
Christ’s Object Lessons;
Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing;
Steps to Christ;

The Ministry of Healing; 
Bible Readings for the Home Circle.


The center column links operate only when the Study Bible and the respective referenced book are in the same folder on your hard drive. Each reference book will operate properly regardless of whether any of the other books are installed or not. Thus, each book can be added at your convenience.

Stand Alone Function 

The nine referenced volumes can be accessed not only by clicking on the center-column references but also can be read in their entirety by going to their respective table of contents page at the bottom of the Bookmark panel of the Study Bible. The Bible, and all the other volumes, have the highlight, underline, select, copy, paste, sticky notes, print, word and phrase search features. In the Bookmark panel, you will also find the Table of Contents pages for Bible Readings for the Home Circle.

Color Codes

The different colors of the center-column references indicate the following: The darker colors wine and black are for the featured five volumes of the Conflict of the Ages series. The lighter shades are for the other referenced four volumes. The black and gray indicate references appearing earlier in a given chapter.


Once set up on your computer, clicks of your mouse open each referenced book to the inspired comments on the scriptures being studied.


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